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Anararion's Characters

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Name: Anararion 'Hawkeye' Valarion
Race; Half elf
Age: 40 (physically mide 20's by human standards)
Appearance: Anararion is slightly tall for a half elf standing 5'7 and of an average but well toned build. He has long brown hair that due to his long time on the road and in wilds usually appears darker than it is due to being unwashed. He has a a van dyke beard but again from time away from civilization the hair around the beard pattern grows out relatively thick giving him the look of a full beard. He has almond shaped eyes with a deep brown eyes and his nose although it's obviously been broken at some point still retains it's elven features. He tends to wear the long hood of his cloak up hiding his elven ears. The cloak covers his studded leather armour and the array of various weapons he carries on his bandoleer, there is a gash at the back of he cloak to allow his bow to stick through.
Gender: Male
Alignement: Good (chaotic good)
Personality: Anararion is easy enough to get along with, rangers generaly has a reputation for being broody and disliking company, on the contrary Anararion loves company, he always stops in at taverns along the road and in cities and towns, talking with all to learn the latest rumours as well as enjoying the soft and warm company of a wench for the night after a few ales and a good smoke of baccy.
Power source(s) - Class(es): Anararion is a skilled fighter as well as a renowned ranger. His skill with a bastard sword is well known, as is his aim with a bow and aswell as being known to be versatile and with a number of weapons. Being a ranger he has a closer connection to nature giving him a primal connection to magics allowing some minor skill with healing, the ability to train animals, as well as the skill to traverse the wilderness unharmed in most cases. Anarion has a pet wolf which he calls Murgum after an old friend, and a hawk which he names arrow.
Abilities: Two weapon fighting, archery, animal handeling and empathy, tracking, knowledge in herbs and posions, swordsmanship.
Weapons/items: Ornate bastard-sword, a masterworks elvish longbow, a serrated silver dagger, sickle shaped as a cresent moon. Cloak, studded leather armour, arrows, smoking pipe, tobacco, various herbs and poisons, waterskin, backpack, bedroll, sturdy boots, shirt, trousers, tunic, and jerkin.
Language(s) spoke: Common tongue, Elvish, and tongue of animals.
Background: Anararion's mother had fallen in love with a human merchant, which lead to travel from a young age and time on the road is something he is well used to. While his mother haled from Valderna his father came from Balgardys the crossroad city and when not traveling and restocking goods it was here that much of Anararions time in the city came to be. He played on the streets and learned to fight from a young age, the son of a merchant he was picked on by the upper classes or being bellow him and the lower classes for being rich.
On one fateful night his father was murdered by a gang of thieves, his wealth mostly stolen and so his mother left using a little wealth to hire some caravan guards and took Anararion back to Valderna. Here the learned the ways of an elf. His mother was reluctantly welcomed back by the highborn house that she had left. The house of Valarion. He was accepted by some but not all of the elves he was brought up with. But he did learn all the skills which they where tought, archery and swordsmanship where two martial skills the elves prouded themselves with. And Anararion did the same. He proved himself to be a better shot than many of his elven 'brothers' recieving the nickname Hawkeye a name he prefers to use instead of his birthname and the name that is renowned amongst the seven cities now.
He matured much faster than the elves becoming a mature adolesent at around the age of 20 while most elves don't reach such a maturity until well in their eighties. He lingered for a few years in Valderna going scouting with the older elves within the great forest and picking up their skills along the way. Eventually he decided it was time to leave, he wanted to travel again, he had his fathers blood in him after all and the road called to him. On his 25th naming day he was given a bastard sword slightly longer and heavier than the longswords of the elves it was to mark him as a half brother. His mother gifted him with a ring of her house and a brooch with a black leaf lined with silver for his cloak. He packed his bags with food and water, took enough arrows to do him for a while and his bow and headed into the wilds to travel.
He helped many people, he slew goblins, protected caravans one of which the rich merchant in charge awarded him with the silved bladed dagger he carries. He came upon a druidess in the forest, a beautiful elven maid with hair like the fall leaves in colour and skin a soft tan from time out doors. She was being attacked by some sort of half wolf half man creature. A creature which although it almost killed him he slew. It was the druidess who tended to his wounds and who stopped the curse from spreading through him. A druidess named Galasriniel. He fell in love, and she taught him the ways of nature. It was her who gave him his first companion the hawk he named Arrow. He couldn't stay with her though, she kept to grove, and although he loved her and still does he continues to travel. Searching for the warmth in the arms of many a wench.
More recently on his travels he came upon a lone wolf, a scarred and rabid creature, it reminded him of a barbarian friend whome he lost in battle. The wolf however didnt attack him the wolf seemed drawn to him maybe something of their loner nature attracted one to the other, maybe there was still a little of the werewolves spirit inside of him that seem to calm the beast of the lone wolf. But the beast followed and eventually obeyed Anararion and has been a loyal companion since.
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