Eye of the beholder

"Belgardys, the Crossroad City, queen of trades between the Thracians, the Levantines and the Kithans... Enters a city of rare size, full of what the Heartland have to offer..."

Eye of the beholder

Postby TheUbbergeek on Sat May 28, 2011 10:09 pm

"We, Lord-Mayor of the City of Belgardys as dully appointed by our Prince and my picked Municipal Council, have gathered. Something evil may be afoot. Earthquakes rumble now and then, peoples disappears away with no clues left, and monsters stalk our streets at nights. The people petition us with fear and anger to do something - anything. And so... We called upon heroes and champion of the lands to combat this very threat to the ancient city."

Before the Lord-Mayor Vadila, they came. How many? The bards remember. A brigand reformed, maybe, with an heart of silver. A warrior, stout and stalwarth. A mage, laconic and knowledgeable. A priest, wise and caring. Or so on, maybe.

"We comission you to find the nature of this evil, and you are able, destroy it - at all cost.", the Lord-Mayor said. "Prepare for this dangerous journey well - you may be on your own."

The warriors sharpened blades, oiling as needed. The mages re-read their magical tomes, notes, remembering the power words. Priests and such medited and prayed for the gods, nature and spirits. And so, having taken the furnitures, tools, rations and so needed, a last sleep at the inn, all paid by the city, they departed.

"Begin your search under the city, hints all point there."m the 'spymaster' told me. "The West Sewers level gate is a good entry."

The lettre of marque held by the leader - a proof of the Lord-Mayor's will that they are servants official now, they advance into the reddish stones walls, smells of rotting vegetal matters, slime and such around. This is the upper, access level, maybe used otherwise in another era.

100m later... SUddently... the ceiling shake, and break down... Behind them, maybe a ton or so of rock and stones and earth... The path is blocked.Impossible to go back now in reasonable way. They have to advance

Their fate is sealed. Win. Or die.
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